I Love Her, Offended Her…But She Ain’t Giving Me a Second Chance!

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Been in a relationship with a lady for 2 years , on and on she’s always complain and always seeing fault in me

I cheated on her during the cause and she caught me but after severe pleading she accepted me back

Afterwards anytime she complains about something she never gives me time to change about it before she complains about another , she’s very jealous and hot tempered , she always want me by her side every time but I’m not always there

I tend to Make her happy buy getting her whatever she needs cos I love her

Recently I travelled and told her I won’t be spending up to 3days but unfortunately I spent 5days though I explained to her I had to conclude what I travelled for.

When I arrived I’ve been calling her she haven’t been picking my calls and i chat her up she isn’t replying.

Eventually she replied me and told me she needs a break later she said a break up because she just remembered the past and noticed I tend to offend her often.

All effort to get her back is proving abortive because she’s seeing a new guy which I know it’s nothing serious probably she want to use the guy to forget about me.

But I love this girl with my life !!!

What can I do to have her back please?

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