I Love Him But I Doubt If He Loves Me Back.

I’m in a relationship wit a guy I love so much. We started dating earlier this year (2014), Jan 1st, (2015) will make it one year we met precisely. He dated his ex girlfriend for three years. The girl is from Imo state and his parents are against him marrying her and I was aware of that. When we have issues, he will start comparing me wit this girl. We last saw August cos he stays in lag and I stay in Anambra but we’re from the same town. Earlier, October he started acting strange, he hardly calls and when I complain, he will apologise and tell me he has problem with his business. Although my instincts have been telling me he is cheating on me, but I decided not to conclude fast till he comes back. He came back 4 christmas break and I went through his in box and I saw love text from his Ex. He even sends her money but I can’t remember when last he gave me money because I don’t want to bother him since he is complaining of problem in business. I’m confused. Please I need your advice, should I confront him or just work out of the relationship?.


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