We Took a Blood Oath…Now We Hardly Communicate!

I (33 years) have a problem wit my girlfriend (22 years) due to lack of communication, and now it takes us 4days without phone call only text messages. Please, I need your help as I’m feeling pain in my chest, and our relationship is with a blood oath, we did 2geda. We just did it on our own to remain faithful and to keep us bound to each other. Now 4 days gone by, I didn’t hear from her and my chest is paining me. It started as a. quarrel, now moved onto insults. She only texts me in d morning asking dat we break the oath and we took the oath in middle of d night with blood and water. 
She now wants to break the oath to move on and I gave her my blessing, but I will not allow her to come 2 my place 2 break d Oath. I really love her so much and we are both Muslim, as d oath makes me not to have feelings wit any girl at all.
Please, How do we break this Oath?.
Thank You.
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