She Is Emotionally Unavailable!

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I’m a final year student medical anatomy. I also work with oando oil and gas company office in the same state where I school. My problem is this, I’ve never really been in a relationship but there is this girl a student of anatomy second year in the same school. I started having feelings for her and I found she just broke up with her first ever date because the guy was demanding a lot from her (like Sex), things someone who just started dating can’t do at that time. As we communicate I express my feelings for her and she did agreed that she has feeling for me too ever since we met but the problem is, she never calls or chat me up first and she keeps telling me to give her time to mend her broken heart but I don’t see any sign that she’ll let me in because I’m always the one on the communication end.

What do I do? Do I stop calling her, or keep calling or do i leave her for a while because last time I left she complained that i left her yet she never communicates first. Even when i call her and say something a bit wrong she gets pissed and tries to end the call. I’m not d sex freak because I grew up in a principled home and I want to have future plans wit her.
I need a good advise.

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