Separated From Her First Kid…Due To Financial Constraints!

She is a Yoruba woman married to an Edo man seven years ago. They have three kids, the first child is a very brilliant girl. The husband took the first born to his sister for holiday and never brought her back at the end of the holiday. He told the mother (his wife) that the girl will be living with his sister so as to loosen their financial burden which the mother was against. The mother now went to were the child was to bring her home for the christmas festival but was denied access to her child by the husbands sister, insisting that her husband said she should not be allowed to take her kid back. What can she do to get her daughter back, as she doesn’t want to have her children separated. The husband is not the type that do cater for the well-being of his children. It is the mother that is responsible for everything. The man usually share the children school fees with her wife and hardly drops feeding allowance.

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