He Checked My Phone and Then Called it Quit

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Hi, have been in a relationship for a year plus now. We have been going through difficult times, but we try to resolve issues.Then one day my boyfriend came up with a story that his pastor and two elderly men from different churches told him that we can never get married. He told me and ask us to just be friends because he couldn’t let me go. It was painful but I had to move on. I met another guy and we dated for a month, but he wasn’t my kind of person so I left him. Then my ex-boyfriend came back to apologise and resolve issues asking for a second chance and I accepted him back. Meanwhile my phone had gone bad and there was a chat between me and the other guy i met (which I’m not dating anymore). He took my phone to repair and asked for my password which I gave to him, now he went through my phone and saw all my old chats (note that my phone has been bad for 3 months). Now d problem is that he has broken up with me, even when I begged him. and i explained to him that those messages were old and it was when we broke up at first. He is still standing on his words, and the relationship has been very good this few months. Please i’m so tired and confused what should I do? Because right now he is asking to be just friend with me.

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