Her Parents Rejected Me After Introduction and She Stopped Picking My Calls!

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I need your advice. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 3 years now, and our relationship has been good. In 2013 December, we went for our introduction haven been accepted by her family. In mid 2014, her mother called me that the relatives concluded that their daughter is not going to marry someone from IMO state( they are from Anambra). I asked my girl what her opinion towards the new development was, she said she does not av a final say. Meanwhile, I have find out that she is having another affair but I still love her so much. December 2014, we both travel for Xmas without any issue, but since this year she does not want us to see again. When I call her she hardly pick my calls and when she finally picks my call, she told me that the marriage can’t work out anymore, but I told her to come and say it to my face which I haven’t seen her up till now. Pls  should I let her be or should I fight for my right because I got an information that the guy she was dating then also had an introduction with her last December? Please, I need your advice before I take a wrong step.

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