His Mother Dislikes Me ‘Cus of My Height!

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I’ve be dating dis guy close to 2yrs now. His mother is a pastor, yet his mother told him that i’m too “brief” to be called a wife. But i’m not the one that created myself and my boyfriend went to tell his friends that his mom said i’m too short to be called a Wife. My boyfriend called me on Monday that he wants to see me. I went there to see him, and he started to tell me that he love me, that i’m a good girl, that I should forgive him for what he has done to me. His mom has not seen me once, its only my picture she saw and she claims to be a pastor yet she’s calling be a short person. Ever since, my boyfriend has not been talking to me like he used to. He has change so much. Please, I need your advise!

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