I Know What I’m Doing Is Wrong, But I Love Him.

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Hi all!
I am G….work in a company. One day in December last year, I met one of my manager. He wanted me to send him an email then I sent him an email and he replied me. In his mail, there was a signature include his pin bbm so I tried to invited him. Finally! He accepted me. After that, we keep texting always till now. Until one day we decided to hangout. We went to cinema. I can’t believe it! He kissed me while we were watching movie. I enjoyed kiss because I like him, ya I like my manager. Whereas he has married and has one son. I know what I am doing is wrong. But i love him 🙁 even I know he only wants me but doesn’t love me.
I want to forget him but it is hard. Hardly forget him because we are in same office and our department is in relation. Any comment to this?

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