I Love Him…But Can He Quit Cheating On Me?

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I have been dating this guy for almost a year. He broke up with me twice when we had fights but he came back pleading that he never meant it. Recently, he cheated on me with a girl I know and Way back, he told me he’s in love with this gal but he loves me more. I didn’t fight or nag about it with him. I just told him he’d end up having to choose one of us. After he cheated on me,I was pissed-off but after a while I realised that mistakes happen. So I called him and we talked about it. I told him I forgive him and want to move on but it’ll take time for me to trust him again. Then he got angry and said he wasn’t interested anymore and he left me. After a month,he came back. Saying he never meant to break up with me. My bestie said I should free and let go of him, but I love him. What do I do?

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