In Love With A Married Man!

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I’m in love with a married man, at first he didn’t tell me he was married until I fell in love with him (I got to know myself). He said if he disclosed dat to me then, dat I won’t love him the way I do. I’m confused, because i’m in love with him and he does too, we both share a lot of things in common. We’ve had S… so many times, I tried to stop d relationship cos I can’t withstand to hurt his wife rather he gave me full assurance, to the extent that he took me to his family saying he wants to marry me as the second wife. I have sleepless nights everyday cos I don’t want to be any man second wife.

I have tried to take him off my mind, instead the love is growing stronger everyday. Please advise me don’t know if i should accept his proposal of getting married to him or not‎.

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