Ready To Be Her Option, ‘Cus I Really Love Her

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I have been in a relationship for more than a year now with a lady whom i loves so much and i always shower love on her by getting her gift and giving her the needed attention.

Later on last week my girl changed towards me and lied to me but she later told me the truth that she has been trying to love me all this while but she’s not getting to… that there’s this guy she meet over 6months and she getting to love him though she haven’t given him a Yes and she really wants to because it’s like she’s loving the new guy.
Due to the love i have for her i told her i’m ready to be an option just for me to win her heart and make her love me because my girl is claiming love isn’t about material things moreover this new guy gives her attention even when she never expected, he calls her like almost every 3hours daily, he run errands for her, he displeases himself to please her etc
I’m not ready to give up on her but wanna win her Back , how’s that possible bro ?

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