She Doesnt Seem To Love Me Back!

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I met this girl last Xmas through my cousin, thou she told me she had a boyfriend that she had been dating for 5 years and she loves him very much and both of them are student in the university but her impression was as if she is going to let her boyfriend go because of me. I assured her that I will marry her, I introduced her to my parents immediately and they accepted her but she complained that I am rushing her. Fortunately my parents knows her family very well because we are from the same village, so my Dad informed her father about the marriage proposal since her father and my Dad are best of friends but to my surprise she told me after about one month that she is not going to marry me and I shouldn’t wait for her to finish her school because we are from the same village and that all she wants is just for us to be friends but I am very sure she is still with her boyfriend. My problem with her now is that there is distance between us and she doesn’t call, flash, send SMS or chat with me. I am the one doing all the calling and sending SMS, and when i call to know why she doesn’t call me she would complain of airtime. Even when I send her airtime, she will only call me once to say thank you for the airtime. I have complained to my cousin who introduce me to her and he told me that he had spoken to her that she is there for me but I am not seeing any sign. Atimes when i call her and ask about her welfare, she would complain that i ask too many questions and after I finish speaking with her I became unhappy with myself.

Please sir,  What can I do because I am really hurting.

Thank you

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