Do I Ignore The “Red Flag” in My Relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years..I love him alot…and he claims he loves me more dan I ever will, but for some strange reason I don’t believe this. He has taken me to meet his parents but says he doesn’t want me to get too close to his family cause if we had to break up…that would hurt them, but he’s close to my family so what’s the difference. His sister in-boxed me on Facebook and I asked her if he really loves me…and she said honestly she doesn’t know and I must always put myself first and love myself before I love him. To me that was a red flag…I feel as if he doesn’t really love me and I’m just wasting my time. He doesn’t take me seriously but when I want to break up with him he fights for the relationship. I’m so confused. How do I know if he really loves me?

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