Got Me Infected, Pregnant, Yet Never Promised Marriage!.

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Hi everyone!!! I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for about 2years. I’m 23years while he’s 26years but doing very fine. He’s out of the country. No relationship is perfect we’ve had our ups and downs. He’s cheated on me severally, whenever I find out he would say he’s sorry. I got tired of fighting, some he claims are just his friends. So one particular day I got to my limits, I even went as far as slapping him. I did apologised and he said it was over. This was a guy who even got me infected (Not HIV).  I still took him to d hospital, we got treated and I let go of the issue. I had never gotten pregnant for him but to my surprise, 2 months after the break-up I ended up pregnant. I told him he asked me to abort it, i refused not to hold him down but because of the fear of God i’m 6 months gone. Now he wants me to stay with his parents while he has a house, that’s his own way of disposing me. He told me at the early stage that he won’t marry me but would take my child. I refused don’t know what to do?

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