He Never Admits He’s Wrong!

I am in love with a married man, I am divorced myself. We dated for about 6yrs when tide turn. A lady came into the picture, he denied having anything to do with her but all the signs were there. I saw text messages that were indictive. So I broke the affairs. Two years after he won’t let me be and frankly speaking I am not sure I want him to go too. But the issue is he won’t admit the wrong he did and he blames me for the depression he suffered for breaking up with him. He can’t get past his anger every time he talks about us coming back. We end up fighting and end up angrier than before. This is been on for 6months now.
My friends have told me to move on cause what he’s doing to me is wrong. He won’t let anyone come near me yet he won’t come near me. All he wants is just sex! I have since stop having sex with him and now he’s even more irate! I think we both still love each other but he just can’t deal with his anger and this is preventing a come back for both of us.
Please advice me on what to do and how to go about it.

Thank You.

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