He Played on My Intelligence!.

Hi all
I met this guy during my school days. He was good, nice ‎and doesn’t talk much, until one day i introduced my girl friend to him then things began to change between us. They both doesn’t like each other but I asked my guy what the problem was he didn’t say any thing rather than telling me to stay away from the girl, while the girl is saying my guy likes girls a lot I didn’t know which one to believe because I like dem both a lot. From there we lost track of the relationship, for real I messed up. This same guy back in 2010, I refused  to date him for just no reason but before he left he promised me that this would be the last time he would come back for me I taught he was joking. But he calls once in a while to check on me he also adds my family members on FB.
I have been meeting other people each time I pray over this people I would always see this my 1st guy in the dream I kept dreaming about him. I took the courage to say i’m sorry express my feelings towards him. And ask him to give me a second chance, he only said I hurt him and made him to start sleeping around wit girls and wouldn’t want me to see him.(this whole tin hs bin more than 8 years)
I have been calling, texting him for the past 5 months now he doesn’t want to see me but I really love him, now what should I do?

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