Horrible Experience With a Cyberbully!

I really need some help and i don’t know where to go. So of recent I have been cyber-bullied. A guy I used to chat with on facebook sent nude picture of me, some edited, some not to all my friends and family, even at my work and posted it on various social networks because I refused to carry on the long distance relationship I had with him for 2 months. I realised it wasn’t heading any where so I decided to end it and the next I know he said I’ll regret and posted the pictures on my facebook wall. It was embarrassing… I nearly got fired from my job. And his female cousin is encouraging him to keep posting it.
I deactivated my facebook account for sometime and when I reactivated it they started again. So I deactivated it again.  Now after one month I went on again and they still keep posting it. He’s from a different country and I lost all contact with him. I need help!  I lost many friends because of this and most of my family hates me because of this.  This guy literally ruined my life.  Please provide some guidance. Thanks.

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