I Love My Fiance, Yet I Still Love My Ex.

I’m a girl of 24, in a relationship, engaged to be precise to my Ex friend we will be getting married by  August by God’s grace but the problem now is that my ex won’t let me be. My fiance has been out of the country for 3months now but will be back next week, I have been seeing my ex (his friend) secretly and for some reason I think i’m not over him. My ex claims he still loves me and wouldn’t want to lose me to another. I have been begging him to tell me what he really wants from me as I don’t understand his sudden interest in me again after we separated. He knows i’m engaged to his friend but it doesn’t seem to bother him, he said we have something very important to discuss and I have been waiting to hear what he wants to say but he keeps postponing it saying he will tell me next week knowing fully well my fiance is coming back next week. I’m really in a fix cos in as much as I love my fiance I still love my Ex. I don’t know what to do and if what he wants us to discuss is for us to get back together…I really don’t know what will happen I need matured minds to help me out. (They are both amazing).

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