Lost Them Both to Other Ladies!

It’s a long story though and years back in school, I dated him for 7 yrs and we schooled and served together‎. Actually he was my first guy and after Youth services he wanted us to travel home together where our parents were to start up a new life, probably plan for the future but I didn’t agree to travel back together with him Because I needed to work a bit and may be I felt that I needed a space. The young man was hurt. After he travelled we had this distance but he pressured that I had to resign the work to meet him which I did, my mother was in the picture. But when I resigned and came back we were always quarrelling with each other. After some time he changed, he stopped calling, he was aggressive. I later discovered he was dating another girl around 2010/2011, I was hurt. Today he is married to the girl with a baby girl. A lot happened before he married the girl according to him, he wanted to marry me but I couldn’t believe in him  then, I lost trust and love for him but I was dating No one. In 2011 I was so hurt and heartbroken and I met another young man who wanted to marry me too but I realised I couldn’t trust or even date him without reminding him of my former date. I was confused, helpless and I needed advice but I couldn’t get and I ended up losing the second guy to his ex-girlfriend. Today they are married with with a baby boy and i’m still not married. Presently I hardly meet guys as before, i’m not in a relationship and i’m 31years old. Please, I still need your advice.

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