I’m Confused…Cus I Love Them Both!

Have been in a relationship for 4yrs now, knew him when I was about going into the University But was not in love with him as much as I am now. When I got into the university I started dating another guy though I told him I was in a relationship with another.

After a while, I also fell in love with the second guy cos I was so fond of him. When the first guy found out I was cheating he said I had to chose between them who to be with. So I chose the first guy and was also communicating with the second guy because he really understands me.

Along the line the first guy and I had issues and we stopped communicating for close to 5months then the second guy came back and I went back to him. While dating him the first guy also came begging and I accepted him because I understood his reason for acting the way he did.

And now they both want to marry me. I’m really confused, don’t know who to accept or reject because I love both of them and I can spend the rest of my life with any of dem. Help me i’m really confused.

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