My In-laws Are Turning My Marriage Into a Living-Hell!

I got married close to 3years now no child yet but though my hubby travel for like one and half year before he came back last year during that time my hubby siblings make me go through hell. It happened like this when he was going, he handed over his business to me to take charge and I told him I can’t feed his sister and brother that were in the same house because both are working. Though he declined, but I maintained my stand. So I started working and pay all the necessary bills. After a while his sister started accusing me wrongly. She will call her brother that I didn’t put on the generator for them. I didn’t pump water or I didn’t dispose the waste bin. He will call me and ask me to do it and there’s this particular day I was in a salon my hubby called me and asked of my whereabouts, I told him then asked me why didn’t I give his children food before I left home (he has 2 kids out of wedlock b4 we got married) and I said whenever they need anything they always ask the secretary to get money and he said ok, but immediately he dropped the call I thought someone must have called him and told him so. So I left the salon, when home I met my sister in-law making aggressive calls to her pastor and other people then I approached her & told her that if you send me out of your brother’s house will you marry him?. Immediate she raised her voice on me and we started exchanging words but I didn’t use abusive words on her as she did to me. She told me it’s by God grace to have a child when I told her I will have my kids also. So ever since then things have not been the same with me and my hubby siblings and my hubby daughter always lie against me. She’s the genesis of all the problems and I don’t love him anymore. I try to love him the way it was before. Anytime I try, something else will come up again and I don’t know what to do anymore whether to stay or leave. Please advice.

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