Confused…Please Help!

Hello all, I need help in my relationship, i’m 20 my boyfriend is 29 he’s a medical doctor and i’m a student and also into baking business my relationship is 20 months now. I lost my virginity to him, he met my parents sometime last year and everybody in my family accepts and loves him, I’ve been to his parents too and they like me and welcomed me too we attend events together, he comes to our house often and I go to his place too I cook his stew nd soup often, he’s very caring, he is very generous he gives before I ask, he always asks me before taking any decision, he has me planned in his future, I have passwords to his phone, went through his chat and discovered that he cheats a lot and sleeps with different girls, the first time I challenged him he accused me of not trusting him and intruding his privacy, I talked to my mum about it and she said he’ll change after marriage, but the number of his mistress increases every time I check, afraid to walk of the relationship because I don’t know what the next will be like but I love him a lot, my mum went to our pastor and she was told we were destined to marry if I won’t disappoint him but he’s the person cheating here… i’m confused please help me out. I’m beginning to have trust issues with him.

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