Got Me Pregnant, Dumped Me Yet Claims He Loves Me!

Hi i’m B…, 24yrs, I dated a guy 2012 and he had serious trust issues with me and I just couldn’t understand why. I later found out he has so many girlfriends and when I confronted him he said it was non of my business and said i’m also cheating too and seriously I wasn’t, it lead to our break-up that year,he came back late last year with marriage proposal and I jumped at the opportunity again forgetting what happened the first time. When I told him I was pregnant December he asked me to leave it but later started quarrelling dat he is not sure he is the owner, that he feels i’m cheating on him. Not hearing from him the whole of Jan. I had to get rid of the pregnancy and made up my mind its over. He came back and kept claiming he loves me but always telling me and making me feel i’m not ready and i’m still cheating. He has never caught me with a man before or seen any messages on my phone, but I have seen so many messages on his phone from other girls and him telling them he loves them. Few of them even called me to tell me I should stop forcing him to get married to me that he is “ours” not mine alone. And when I confront him he will say why am I complaining that me I cheat too. I called the relationship off several times but he will come begging and crying. I’m extremely confuse. I don’t receive calls or ping when i’m around him because he will say i’m disrespecting him. Please what should I do? I’m extremely confused and I love him so much.

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