I Love Her Despite Her Educational Status!

Please, I will need people’s advice on this. There is this girl I met online a year and some months ago whom I love so much. She is SSCE holder and I’m a chartered accountant, this does not bother me much as I’ve enrolled her in one of the higher institutions. My problem with her is understanding as any little actions is termed to be leaving her and because of insecurity coupled with her hot temperament, she starts misbehaving.

She had even displayed this in the presence of one of my sisters before. I had prayed alone several times and God is confirming her to me. My family are disappointed in me to have gone for a person of very low educational status but they didn’t have choice than to accept her as this is my choice and they had prayed about it and got confirmation too.

So all they are looking for now is my girl’s behaviour and with this temperament of hers, my family is not satisfied but even if I explain this to her, she starts having malice against my people. Considering my position as the last child of 6 children and the only boy, i’m confused on what step to take. Please, advise me.

Thank You

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