I’m Pregnant For the 3rd Time… and He Wants Me To Get Rid of It!

After going through several heartbreak relationship, I met this guy last year on social media, he is my tribe.
I love him and he shows same, he is still serving and I was like a back-up to him when he was in Camp. But later on he was telling me of his ex- not only that, he has a girlfriend who is working in Kano and a Hausa by tribe. He shows a lot of love and want to meet my parent soon.
He does complain financially of which I do sympathize with him.
He served in the same place with my ex. For three months now, he has been telling me that, they have not been paying his Monthly NYSC and I just confirmed from ex- they have been paying them is only this month that is still withheld.
Yet he complains he doesn’t have for me to help him, Should i ask him or let him know that I know the truth?
Cus now i’m pregnant for the third time and he is asking me to get rid of it again because he is not financially stable but I refused.
Please readers I need your advice
What should I do?

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