Loyalty Taken For Granted!

We both started dating each other late last year. At first we both shared experiences about our past relationship!. She told me she wants to use me to replace a guy who…has neglected her!. So I started becoming so much in love with her and never wanted to make her sad at all!
Sometime early this year, I sent her to charge my phone for me!. So she checked my facebook and saw a chat of mine with my ex who I was trying stupidly to start a relationship with again!.
She was so furious that it was my friend that settled the matter. She later told me she’s forgiven me and since then I’ve stopped double dating because I know I can’t do that successfully!.
After a little while I started reading series of her chats with different guys. She even has the guts to change her display name on bbm to the guys name and she kept on telling me she just like the name anytime I ask her why she did so!. She usually tells me she loves me and she left her ex because of me but I dont like what I’m seeing. I would have left her since but I’m madly in love with her!

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