Married To a Stranger!.

Please kindly advice me on what to do.
I married this man in 2010,we have been living together peacefully as husband and wife but suddenly things started falling apart, when he could no longer pay the house rent and some bills. I went to my Sister and she accepted to help us out and she advised we relocate from our area because of influence of childhood friends which my husband has not outgrown.

I discussed this with him and he agreed but due to the pressure from the landlord lawyer we had to move to my Sister’s place where we were given a nice apartment to stay with our girl and because I was also pregnant then. When we moved in with my Sister she called us and asked us what we want to do( job or business) he said business and he accepted to borrow him 2m. This time my Sis was planning a trip to USA and she said the money will be ready when she is back. He told me to tell my Sister that he needed some money to do some small business before the main money will be ready. I told her and she gave him 200k. the following day my Sister travelled abroad leaving only myself, my husband and my girl.

A week later he disappeared from the house without dropping any money for us, for weeks I was calling his phone he will not pick it. So I sent him a message and he replied me and we ended up exchanging abuses. All effort to reach him by his family and mine proved abortive. By October last year I gave birth but still no calls from him. His Sister came to our house and begged him on phone to talk to me but he refused but after so many pressure he called and showed up. Later he came back to us and apologised that it won’t happen again. Since then he has been sending money to us and he has really changed for good. Seeing this my sister started arrangements on how we will all travel to Canada and told me not to tell him yet. But to my surprise he has since vanished since February now without coming to check on us or send money.

When I call he gives excuses but since about two weeks now all is lines has been switched off. Now I don’t really know what to do,please do not blame me because there are many things I have done that I cannot really explain.

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