My Marriage Has Been Hell…Now I Want Divorce!!!

My courtship with the man I marry today was just 2 months plus and now am facing hell. 
I’m B… by name i’ve been going through this for a while now. I got married ending of last year 2014 and ever since then i’ve not been happy. What I noticed most is that my in-laws don’t like me because when I came into their family his sisters really stood on my neck and his mother, but I really kept quite about things not even allowing my mum or my sisters to know about what I was going through.
The first issue came up when we did our wedding after 6days of the wedding my mother in law called me up around 5.30am in the morning when he(my husband) has gone to work. she woke me up and told me to sit down that we have to talk. She said B… I want u to pray hard that she was told that her son will die soon. That all the places she went to, they all said the same thing. So I told her… nothing will happen to my hubby in Jesus name and she said “Ok ooooo Amen”. 
She was given Visa for 5 years to Canada, so after 7days she told me that she will travel to Canada. We started the journey together as hubby and wife. Ever since the mother told me all that, I pray a lot and I never told my people about it not even my mum. December last year, a man of God told me the same thing my mother in law told me and so many other things but I kept praying, as my hubby is the type that don’t care about things like that so we I told him what his mother told me and the man of God. He said he has been told about that before so I was so confused as I don’t know what to do.
January, this year I went to another church again…When the man of God set his eye on me the first thing he said was that this man his not my hubby. That even sooner his going to marry another woman, and he’s really double dating and no matter how I stay in his house I will not have any child for him that the cause is from his family and even if I take-in the baby will not be complete (deformed).
Yet I kept praying and carry him along but he doesn’t show any care. We started having problems, so I told my mum she talk to me and told me to stop crying that all the blame goes to me for not telling her be4 now. That well I should keep praying very well that she will do the same thing for my family. 
March this year we had a big misunderstanding to the extent that he told me that we should go for divorce. That ever since I came into his life… I’m a devil. I was shocked and couldn’t  sleep for days. Ever since then i’ve not been free with him again in the house. 
Now i’m ready to leave the marriage forever but I dnt know how to go about it, because 
(1) I don’t feel for him again and I don’t love him anymore.
(2) His family doesn’t love me at all.
(3) He doesn’t care for me at anymore.                                                                               

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