Sensual Feeling of Love.

Like an Angel you serenade into my life,
Revamping all that was hitherto withered,
Bringing back to life the effervescent part of me,
Making a mockery of the Beyonce/Jay Z Combo,
I crave for Amnesia…on my past experience with Love,
As the pain from the past nearly created a glaucoma,
Creating a Near permanent blindness,
Preventing me from noticing your unique radiance,
That glows within…transcending without!

My first glimpse of you,
Triggered series of “current” that brightens up my day,
Every taught of you unconsciously widen-up my lips,
Friends call this “Smile”…brought by  reminisce of sweet memories,
As I never get tired of your presence,
And your perfect imperfection induces the latent qualities within,
Making me yearn for a new day,
Today, tomorrow and forever with you.

Describing you simply climaxes it all,
Is it your unadulterated looks surges out natural beauty,
Or your crystal Eye…that glows even in my darkest mood,
Or your beauty that shines like a “black star”,
Need I mention your feet… that makes a humble stride looks arrogant,
As your complete personality often makes me dance “raggae” to ur love tune of “blues”,
Reflecting how madly in Love I am,
Serenading into the Sensuality of our Love.

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