Should I Make Him an Example To Others?

I’m hurt, my case is a case of not knowing if I should turn back or keep hoping.
I started dating this guy when I was 18yrs he was six years older than me‎, he was my first love. He never said a thing about his past, I never bothered because I love him. My parents were against the relationship, because they felt he was from Kogi state. I didn’t listen to then because, I found that one… that my heart wanted. Two years after we kept the relationship working, he just changed. He started complaining, the kind of friends he keeps I can’t understand. On his birthday he did not invite me, he kept comparing me with the ex I never knew. I tolerated this until one day he told me he was tired and wanted space, he wanted us to be friends that his mum was giving him head ache to marry his ex. Each time his parent is in town, he gives excuses so I don’t come to his place. Now I know I am sharing my man with someone else, it kills me that he seems to have her time more than mine. I’m confused because I love him. He made promises and have forgotten it. The worst is that I can’t find a single pics of me on his laptop. He changed his password to his phone. He takes me for granted.
I’m tired and confused. Should I let the man I love for the other woman. Should I stay and fight for my man. Or should I make him an example so men will never play with our hearts like toys! Pls help.

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