Two’s a Company, Three is a Crowd!

I am married for 15years, I was a single parent with a baby girl when I met my husband, he was good and kind. I changed my religion, left my friends, my parents, my home to go and make a life with this man. I have been loyal to him, given him 2 more kids and honoured him. Three (3) years ago he had an affair with a women 11 years younger then him, she was white, we are Asian muslim. She saw my husband blessed with wealth and came from a trailer family where they don’t care about people and who they hurt. I took my husband to our priests to help him to stop committing sin and for a time he did. Now this December I found out he made that women pregnant and she doesn’t want to leave him. She is telling me to divorce my husband and sending bad messages. My husband does not want to divorce me because, he still loves me but is forcing me to accept this woman as a second wife. Even though it is allowed in our religion, this is not how you do it by making sin and then using religion to cover up. I am so hurt, I want my life back but he won’t leave this woman because of the baby. He wants the baby to be our religion…She is a christian. How can I share my husband, i love him so much but now he is making me sick with worry and I don’t know what I should do. Please help.

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