Wouldn’t Wanna Date a Married Man.

I met this guy and we started dating he was working in Ekiti state but when he met me he started working his transfer to lagos so we could be together and getting serious in the relationship. Then suddenly I called him up one sunday morning he refused to pick unlike him. Was scared and very worried. Went to his place he refused to open the door for me instead he said he doesn’t want to speak to anyone for now. I saw his friend that’s married, he now told me that he has also refused to talk to him and also eat. He later told me that his friend just got a phone call from a lady he was dating before he met me and she said she’s 4 month pregnant. I left angrily…for like 4 days we didn’t see each other. The 4th day he called me and we saw I asked him what happened?, (Pretended I never saw his friend), he said something came up from his office that he needed go back to Ekiti that his boss needed to see him…but when I couldn’t bear it anymore I begged him to tell me the truth,he said he don’t want to hurt me, but i’m very stubborn and won’t let him be if he doesn’t tell me. He said a lady just got pregnant for him and the parents are on his neck. His boss has threatened him with his job because the girl’s dad is a share holder in the company so everyone is dragging him now. He loves me and he has plan to settle with me but I don’t know what’ll happen if he goes back to Ekiti. My friends and my family told me i’m on my own that i’m not a baby anymore. What I planned is not what i’m seeing now. Just few days ago the boss called him and threatened him with a sack letter so he left. Now I don’t know what to do because I think I love him. But I wouldn’t want to date a married man cause to me he is one now. what should I do?

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