Age and Religion Difference

I am a single lady of 35 years. I met this dark, handsome, caring, nice guy with good attitude of 32 years of age some weeks ago on a dating site. We have met one on one. Infact, he has been to my apartment where I live alone. He is already talking of engaging me and finally getting married to me this year.

I love this guy cause of his caring attitude, he’s so respectful. Before he does anything he tells me to know what my opinion will be. First, I was talking about age difference, he keeps telling me he doesn’t care, that he should be the one complaining about that. But the thing bothering me now is, religion difference… because I am a Christian (Pastor’s daughter) while he is a Muslim.

Though, he said he doesn’t have any problem with that. He told me he do go to church sometimes and also reads the bible. Please I want a Godly advise because a problem shared is half solved. Thanks.

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  1. Madam r you really born again or just acting out of despiration? Do u knw a muslim can hv as many as 4wives? Men can smell your despiration.calm down.attend plenty of church activities xpecially does fr singles, talk to your pastor about it and also be very nice to people as dey r watching u dey could recommend u to guy looking to settle down, believe it or not der r guyz finding it difficult to find mrs right. Most xpecially fast n pray often…

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