He Made Me Abort…I Hated Him For That

There’s this guy I dated in 2010. We loved each other a lot but after i aborted our baby the next year because we couldn’t take care of the baby if given birth to…” I was a student then and an orphan who could barely take care of herself and he was a graduate and job hunting”. I hated him because he made me abort that child.

I was willing to suffer and take care of the baby but he insisted I abort the child so I don’t drop out of school. After that, I decided not to have anything to do with him ever again for not allowing me have that baby. I left him and moved on but he was heart broken and hospitalised, even had a high BP and almost died.

I had to pretend to still love him before he could recover. He always stayed in touch and made me know he loves me. Recently we met and he told me he now has a good job which I confirmed to be true but he looked so unkept with cigarette stains on his teeth. Gosh!, I hated the sight of that and his mouth smelled with alcohol.

He told me he had never given up on us and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get us together once more. Yesterday I found out from his sister that he’s planning to propose to me on my birthday which is very close. I don’t love him anymore and I can’t marry him but I don’t know how to tell him so he doesn’t go through a heartbreak again and end up in the hospital.

Please, how do I tell him that I can’t marry him without ruining his health and life?.
NB: He’s so obsessed and madly in love with me. He had always been. And he has a very great personality from the inside. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


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