I Don’t Enjoy My Home Anymore.

I met the mother of my children 7-8 years ago. Although, we have known each other over 10-15 years during a computer program session before our tertiary education.

We got engage because i put her in a family way!!! Immediately after we had to do the introduction between both family.

My first daughter arrived 10.45pm on 13/02/09, & before she turned 3 months, her mother told me she ‘missed her period’ WHAT IS THIS!!!

Presently, we stay together because we are still staying with my parent, though i work. The problem are so numerous, Our sex life(s) has turned sour, (I don’t enjoy it any more). The food is also nothing to write home about

We have never planned anything together- spontaneous spending is the order of the day.
Spiritual life is equally down.

My question Is; how will it be possible to mend this or is it a crime to end the relationship.

I want to be in a relationship that i will enjoy till the day i go and meet my lord and not to endure it all my life.

Please help me, expert your advise / reply soonest.

Best regards and Happy Worker’s Day.


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