I Don’t Love Him Enough For Marriage.

I’m a young lady and will be 27 this year. I got into a relationship with this married man for no commitment but because the guy i was dating, for no reason called off the relationship and wanted to stay away from single guys. I gained admission and we only got to see like 3-4times in a year. He wasn’t there for me even when i needed his help the most and i was really out of the relationship but don’t know how to tell him or walk away and this kept on till i graduated and going to 5years.

Now he’s asking me to marry him that we’ve been on for long and he considers me a wife material. He’s a muslim with kids and i’m a christian, my family won’t accept i get married to a muslim and a married man at that but he quite know and understand me very well and all i will like to do in future and to make matters worse the guy i was dating while in school got another lady pregnant and i’m just in a dilemma in the middle and don’t  know what to do.

NB: i don’t  love this man enough to want to marry him and don’t  want to be a second wife or marry a muslim. Don’t  know if i should say no to his proposal and loose him or wait till i can get a guy that will be mine.

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