I’m Confused!

I’m in a relationship with someone who I really really like, who as always being there for me even before we started dating. We are about 7 month into the relationship now.
I have a friend who happen to be my colleague which we are so attracted to each other and so  attached to each other.

We eat together go home together, we both have feelings for each other and it’s so killing us both right now because my boyfriend proposed to me last month and myself and this other guy is so hurt and filling bad.
I don’t know what to do, we have tried to stop whatever we share together but it not working and I can’t tell my fiance I can’t marry him.

He has done nothing bad to me, he has not offended me in anyway for me to do that to him but I so love this other guy to a fault and he’s (my colleague) so sad right now.

Please what can I do?

Thank you.

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