Marriage Advise From a Tipsy Friend.

My name’s …. and I’m 20 yrs of age. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year & a few months. I’m a christian and he’s a muslim. I love him a whole lot and I know he loves me as well. I met some of his friends a couple of days ago and his closest friend told me that if I knew I wouldn’t marry his friend,…

I should break up with him now and that our religious differences will have to be a factor to address soon. And I must never break his friend’s heart. But I dismissed the “marriage” talk because the guy was kinda tipsy that night. Last night, my boyfriend asked me what part of the country I would like to settle down in. Now,that got me thinking.

My mum would never want me to marry a muslim. She will raise hell if she learns that he’s a muslim. But this guy is just perfect for me. He would do anything to make me happy. He makes me a better me. What do I do?

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