Raped Off My Rights!

I have an issue i’m not comfortable with. I grew up in a home where my dad treated my mum like she was a piece of trash. I can recall how many times he treated her like a lady. With this at the back of my head I made up my mind never to love.

I got raped at 17 by someone I thought was a friend. My mum still doesn’t know I was raped till date, now i’m 20. My cousins often think i’m a lesbian because I never talk about love or guys. In other to stop this, I tried getting into relationships, they are always nice but after a while begins to irritate me. For the 3 (relationship) I have been in, the guys treats me like a queen but somehow bore me after a while.

Please what do I do cos now I have found myself deeply involved in this evil virus called sex thing. I wanna stop it but how do I go about this.

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