She Has Marine Spirit…

I have a girlfriend that have been dating for quiet a while now, she exhibits a very strange behaviour each time we had s*x and when I ask she says it’s nothing that it is ulcer that is disturbing her because she told me she has pelvic ulcer…which causes her chest to burn. But I noticed the behaviour became too frequent and it’s very abnormal to me.

So I decided to call the relationship a quit. She started begging and crying not to leave her, then I insisted she tells me the truth if there’s anything she’s hiding from me. She opened up to say she is with a marine spirit that she was born with it and it was her mother that made some silly mistakes in the past but she’s been praying to God for deliverance and she can feel it that its going gradually.

I asked her if it had any spiritual and physical effect on me she said I shouldn’t worry that my blood was too strong and my fathers spirit is always with me everywhere I go to.
I’ve asked her to come with me to my uncles place who’s a very strong man of God in jos but she refused saying if she tries to remove herself by force she may die and I will be affected as well and she’s been to several men of God too.

She said I should give her time that she’s working on her deliverance that soon she’ll be free from the spirit of marine but I am so worried and concerned about myself and her for having sex even though she told me nothing will happen.
I still need your counsel and advice on what to do sir, I know we’ve both sinned against God and I have been praying and fasting for Gods mercy and forgiveness of sin.


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