Social Media Relationship!

I’m a lady of 26years of age and was in a relationship since February, 2014 but later had break-up because of genotype issue, later last year I met a guy on one of the bbmc and we were friends from the start, he later said he was interested in me of which I declined because of the distance between us because he stays @Ilorin and I… in Lagos but he said its no problem.

That we are gonna work things out with calls and visitations. Things has been going well between us not until he came for a visit and he stayed for some days. On the first day been together till the next morning was the issue between us because my parent won’t allow such and my work too but he came late in the evening, I had to attend to him before going back home as he insisted I shouldn’t that it’s a must I stay back with him because of the stress he went through.

Lo and behold I halt and wronged my parent because of him. I didn’t blame him much because he amended the wrong before going back by seeing and apologised to them. However, since his departure things had changed, the calls reduced, the chatting also reduced and complains comes up. Now i’m seriously tired of everything but I love him and he does love me too.

On his birthday I sent him a birthday wish on his (facebook) wall and a lady asked how am I sure if he’s my man and I asked him who the lady was, he said I shouldn’t worry that he’s gonna explain to me but he only said she was his ex and he added her up a day to his birthday.

He also said I should ignore her and I did, but now he complains that i’m not romantic and don’t reply his pings on time and when I complain he’ll say he’s piling my offence up for me… Pls I need advice on what to do because my parents are on my neck that I shouldn’t leave him because they think we were friends before the relationship. My parent won’t allow any other person because they know him already. I need advice on what to do.

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