Do I Accept His Proposal…???

I am 32 years, I have been a friend with this guy for 3years now. Though I have feelings for him and I know he does too but we are just friends. This year, he confessed that he loves me and that he wants to marry me. The only problem is that, he doesn’t really have a means of income. He resigned from his work some years back because the salary wasn’t encouraging and he said he received a divine instruction to go into consulting!.

He is an upcoming consultant now,he consult for primary and secondary schools on career development, he submit proposals to schools and await invitation but pending such invitations, he doesn’t have another source of income and these schools pays him peanut!.

Though, I’ve advised him to network himself with top motivational speakers in Nigeria to learn more at their feet and build network but the challenge I have is how will he take care of me or rather how will he raise a family with his present work if I consent to his proposal.
I am presently working though, do u think at this age I should marry a man without a stable source of income?. Please advice!


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