Do I Allow Her Back?

I was in a relationship for 4 years,we were school mates then because we met during our ND days.
I was lucky to get a job during my IT period and that made us come to an agreement that while I was working she would cover for me since we wanted to start HND together.

I got working during my HND program, she covered for me doing most of my school works and test whenever I could not make it, but in my final semester, I resigned as I was having strings of poor grades and the distance in the relationship was affecting us as I was in Lagos and she in Anambra.

I was  present in school now and equally noticed that some other guy were always around her despite my presence. I asked what was going on and she said they were friends. It went on like that till she finally decided to end it all with me, I begged but it fell on deaf ears.

In the end she left,I was hurt and it affected my exams and to make it worse she was flaunting the guy in school and everyone knew. Now after about a year and half she is begging me, saying she is sorry and dat she regrets every thing she did. I still love and miss her,…but I don’t know what my family and friends would Say.

They all witnessed the break-up and how she embarrassed me and she boldly told me she slept with the guy countless of times. I know if I should allow her back in my life, I know every other person won’t be happy with it but I truly love and she has promised never to do such again.
Could you help me out?


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