Do I Move On Or Stick By Him???.

I met this guy few months after I lost my fiance. We dated for few months. and the first time we met I took in for him. Even though he is 18years older than me, I decided to settle with him while we decided to plan for proper marriage after my delivery. Thou we did registry, but few months after delivery, business wasn’t going on fine.

We also lost our properties to fire outbreak, so I decided to move in with my parent in 2012 after I had my baby. For over 3 years now i’ve been staying with my parents and has been faithful to him and kept on praying that one day he will come back to his feet again. While at my parents place he calls every now and then to check on us especially his baby because he values her so much,

but I noticed that he never misses me. Despite the fact we both stay in Lagos, he never cares to invite me over that he is missing me. At times I might not see him for like 4 to 5 Months or more. He never tells me he loves me not even on phone. He is never comfortable saying it, all he does is to call and he sends money when he has but if he doesn’t i’ve to fend for myself and d baby.

After a while I noticed he doesn’t call as often as before,now he stays for weeks without calling. Atimes, he blames me for his predicament that he lost all he had when I came into his life. I’m just 26 now and he is 44, I met him while I was 21. Now, I feel I’ve wasted 5years of my life with him because i’ve been with my parents for over 3years now and i feel i’m not getting any younger.

The person i’m even waiting for does not even miss me. I don’t know where he stays till now. He doesn’t even give a damn and right now I don’t have any feelings for him any more. So i’ve decided to move on with my life but don’t know if am taking the right decision. Please, I need your advice.


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