Engaged To A Cheat and A Pathological Liar.

I met this guy last year September and he got me engaged this year January. The whole relationship was just so fast that I actually told him to let us study each other but I did not reject his proposal. ‎Knowing fully well he is Ibo & i’m Yoruba.
We met with each others families to tell them our intention & he was proposing an introduction by March which I told him to be patient but he was so anxious about us settling down.
Fast forward  into the relationship, I suspected something was not right somewhere because he over reacts to any third party chat on my phone & practically cuts me off my friends but when I check his phone he looks innocent.
It was later I realised he deleted his chat with some ladies telling dem to come over to his house then I realised he is either cheating or contemplating it.
Then I decided to visit him unannounced one day but before the visit I had a very tight schedule at work which took my weekends. ‎So we did not see for 3 weeks & he didn’t even check on me during those period. 
On getting to his house I met a lady & also realised he was a real cheat & a liar. He practically adjusted within this period & changed.
Afterwards he told me not to visit him unannounced ‎& apologised for everything but since that day things have not been the same because even though he apologised his actions are not.
Then I ponder on this things…
1) How can a fiance tell his spouse not to visit unannounced if he is not hiding anything?
‎2) He feels it’s a man’s world & not sorry for what he did.
3) He does not want to make sacrifices for us but blames me for not coming to visit him during those 3 weeks. I felt he should also visit because he does that before.
4) He dos not always accept his faults but finds a way of blaming the other party or finds it hard to say sorry.
This and many more I noticed about this guy who claims he wanna settle down. I have taken some decisions on my own but I still need your advice to know if am doing the right thing. I stopped wearing his ring a long time ago
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