Have I Made An Eternal Error?

I ended up marrying this guy I call a husband!. I have been told by so many people that he his my husband but I have a lot of work to do spiritually because his family and his siblings doesn’t want him to progress and the kind of mother he has soils it all. She believes her Sons are perfect because if any of her daughter in law reports about their bad behaviour to her, she fault them instead of her scolding her sons.

We started during our OND days with promising future. She has tried everything to kill us and God has been faithful to us. She has done a lot to separate us because she believes i’m blocking her ways. I’ve had so many dreams that she herself couldn’t conquer.

What she does spiritually now is to distabilise our marriage because my hubby now drinks and womanises like Heaven won’t come. I’ve had a Son for him and i’m expecting another one. I’ve fasted and prayed but nothing has changed. He has promised me he won’t drink and stop keeping bad company of friends.

I’ve zeroed my mind to quit the marriage but i’ve been warned never to do such because his mum wants him to impregnate someone from her devilish kingdom so that they can penetrate his life.Their is this girl that he keeps sleeping with, her name is Fo… He doesnt cater for the house again, as I do virtually everything even up to body cream.

My story and experience is very much endless.
My question is I need a candid advise as i’m running crazy now !


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