Money¥€£$!!!… Affecting My Relationship.

Please i need your personal advise concerning a relationship i’m having which i’m having a monetary problem on my business which is not all that going well as before and i’m owning some clients which i later on told my wife-to-be(engaged) how things are presently rough to me but she didn’t hesitate in staying by my side always which she later on promised to help me with some money to offset the debt which I’ve been owning.

But since yesterday and today she’s just behaving strange by telling me this morning that she doesn’t know what’s happening between us which also got my attention and i started wondering within myself is it because i’m not all that buoyant (financially) or what will make her to say such a thing like that?.

Now, i’m thinking if i should forget or ignore her or maybe if she decide to give up on me (by returning my engagement ring) that I should not mind but the bottom line is that i love her so much and I’ve truly decided to spend my whole life with her but money is what’s weighing me down about everything and to get married as well.
I’ll be happy to follow up your advise.


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