My Close Friend.

There’s this friend of mine, she is a single mum and we attend same church. We go to the cinema together and also go to different part, just like two love birds. I developed some kind of feelings for her the first day I set my eyes on her but within me, I knew we can’t be together because she’s older than I am, with a year and one month. We became friend and people thought we were dating.

Though I have a relationship going on. One day I broke up my relationship because thing wasn’t going on well and my girlfriend usually give me a lot of headache. After I broke up with my girl, I decided to tell her how I feel about her which she knows about. She said she would build up her own feeling and we shall see where it takes us.

So we started and things was moving on, but I really know that she does not love me like I do for her, so I just kept it going that one day we will get there. Now she developed interest in a different person. She was loving the person in secret. I later knew about it without she telling me, so I decided to start seeing someone else, I called her to tell her what I notice and she said yes that I can move on.

That she wouldn’t want to hold me back. I started this relationship and it was going on smoothly, but my friend will always ask me about it and also tell me about the situation of her secret lover, she came out to tell the guy what she feel for him, the guy would not join her in a relationship because he has one going on, but my friend could not get this guy off her head and she decided to turn to me.

She threw everything @me, she did everything but I could not leave where I am presently. I visited her last weekend and it happened between us… I am so confused right now, I love my friend, I can’t just get my mind off her, the girl I’m dating now is a very good, cool and decent girl to be with…I don’t know where to go right now .

I need your help please, your comment could save me from making a bad choice.


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