My Ex. Wants Us Back.

I am in a relationship, but we both have been having issues that I am no longer sure of where it is leading or the future of our relationship. Recently, I bumped into my ex. whom we have been apart for more than 7 years. We started talking and chatting again and I realized I am still in love with him. I love my boyfriend but I really do love my ex more.

My ex. also broke up with his girlfriend couple of months back before we bumped into each other. Now he wants us to come back together because according to him he never stopped loving me. The reason for our break-up then was all because of me. I was quite young then and I thought I needed to concentrate more on school and did not want to be distracted by any relationship.

That was why I broke up our relationship 7 years ago. He was hurt but he had no choice. Now that he wants us to come back together, what can i do please? I still love him.


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